Monthly Report: April

As I sit here, still reeling from a night of vomiting and diarrhea that rivaled the biggest and baddest of my many epic hangovers (something I ate. I’m not even drinking this season…what’s the point?!), I find myself secretly glad to have a good excuse to take a day off the bike. I have just enough energy to type, so I can be somewhat productive.

April was an odd month. In some ways it was a breakthrough for me, with my still-unbelievable Ventoux climb a few days ago, along with my new-found penchant for climbing, which I guess have their roots stuck in the same place. The climbing improvement is due to my training this year, no question, but owes most to this data:

  • Last weigh-in: 64.5 kg (142 lbs)
  • Body fat: 12.3% (down from 16% in Feb)
2013-04-14 10.31.38

Random Pic #1: where I had my accident on Jan 2. I still have bruises.

I think I might be nearing my target weight now, but I’ll keep an eye on things and if I start getting blown around too much in the Mistral I’ll add some back on. And now for the ‘odd’ part. These numbers are pretty low compared to March.

  • Kilometers ridden: 1164
  • Hours in the saddle: 43
  • Training sessions: 23
2013-03-30 08.29.20

Random pic #2: What does the Chinese clothing factory have against Canada and the US?

I’ll try and pick up those stats in May, but work is getting in the way a bit now that the season is upon us. However, once the weather starts cooperating in a consistent manner, I know the miles will start to climb.

Two races this month gave me an idea of where I’m at and how far I (always) have to go, and I’ll have one more in May most likely, to keep me honest.

And now I’ll go back to my suffering.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Report: April

  1. Well done Gerry
    Is that bout of the Scutts part of the weight loss program..
    Pro tip
    Keep a roll of toilet paper in the fridgefreezer

  2. so here’s my stats for April:
    kms: 1525
    rides: 19
    liters regurgitated: 0
    meters toilet tissue used: less than you (I’m guessing)

    concerning the American flag on your jersey: I believe that when the American flag is flown upside denotes distress, so I would say the flag on the jersey is correct… if the upside down flag also denoted arrogance, violence, shortsightedness and growing stupidity, I would say is was incredibly correct.

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