Light Blue

You might recall my mini-mission this year of reducing weight on both myself and my bike. As of a few months ago my bike appeared to weigh 7.5 kg, or 700 unacceptable grams over the UCI weight limit. Since that time I’ve bought a new saddle, pedals and now tires – all lighter than their predecessors of course – so I stepped on the scales yesterday with the Bianchi.

7.4 kg.

I’m not impressed, but hoping that my scales are off. Strangely, I’m finding it easier to take weight off the rider this year than the bike. Saving me money, too. Here are my Michelin-blue tires that nearly go with the Celeste of the Infinito…nearly.

2013-05-03 14.30.03

11 thoughts on “Light Blue

    • Thanks. Well, the 1 kg I lost last year with the wheels and gruppo was definitely worth it. I think I’m just being silly now…

  1. hows about hacking off that 2 inch nut cracker on the top of the forks….theres excess grams there

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