The Vicious Cycle

This is the first time I’ve ‘re-blogged’ something, so lets hope it works. Our beloved (and vicious) team is back to full strength so check out the new line-up (Patrick and Julian are the new ones, if you haven’t been paying attention. 

After much back and forth and name calling (of the team, not each other), we think we have settled on one for our Haute Route team – Team Vicious Cycle. The name, I believe, speaks to you on several levels, if you let it, and has the correct ‘bad-ass/humor’ ratio, making our team serious and not at the same time.

We threw out some pretty good names, too, which I’d like to share with you. Team 53:11 (chucked because we thought people would look it up in the Bible…), Team No Finish Line (much loved by a few of us, but simply crushed when Vicious popped up),

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