Team Kit: Because Looking Good is Half the Battle

Team Vicious Cycle is not just a team of over-aged under-achievers (well, one of us anyway), we are also now, thanks to our Kit Crew of Rob, Chris and Brad, quite smart looking. After several months of behind-the-scenes work, we have come up with something I am sure we’ll all be proud to parade up and down the Alps in.

We chose Pactimo to make our kit – a company that produces first-rate clothing and has a design team as well. Our kit crew did a lot of up-front work, but the final product is obviously done by professional designers, as you can see pretty quickly below. First, the Summit Pro Jersey.



Notice the intimidating skull that will surely strike fear into our competitors. The flag/crankring configuration of course represents our countries of origins, plus France, where we’ll do all our suffering. Next is the Summit Speed Jersey.


This jersey is a tighter ‘Euro cut’ with a shorter front, much like the trend in the pro peloton you see these days. If by some miracle we still have traces of fat left before Haute Route, this is NOT the jersey to be wearing. Being the eternal optimist, I’m ordering one. Here are our shorts – the Summit Bib Shorts.


Again, strategically-placed skulls for maximum fear factor (I think there’s one on the ass, too, for those behind), and the same yellow-orange-grey-black color combo that is really growing on me. Finally, because we’ll be going way way up – arm warmers.


Thanks again, guys. If there is a prize for best kit in the race, it could be our only shot at a podium!

By the way, if anyone out there likes this kit as much as we do, you are welcome to put in an order when we do ours. Just let me know.

24 thoughts on “Team Kit: Because Looking Good is Half the Battle

  1. I knew Coach would have influenced this decision and i knew it would look really cool and unique. I think I am only one of two people in Eastern Canada that exclusively wears Pactimo and nobody out here knows who they are. I am definitely putting my order in. Medium Please. I will let you know what Gin’s size is a little later. Good job Guys.

  2. I’m ordering at least two of the Summit Speed (Euro Cut) and probably one Summit Pro. My wife wants one too. The Summit Speed fits tighter, has the longer sleeves and if you’re watching the Tour Down-Under, you’ll see most of the peleton are wearing the new Euro cut. They also use the new sun reflective fabric, so whether it’s a dark or light colour, the body doesn’t feel any difference. As for the Bibs, they have an 8cm compression band, perfect for the tired legs we’re sure to have during the week long suffering of Haute Route.

      • Thanks Gerry, did that before i ordered, not sure if it is a 2XL or 3XL (measured 44.5″) so played it safe and ordered the larger size as many brands are smaller than the size. Plan on wearing it during April OCBC cycle event as the kits they give as part of the registration suck. Having said that, let me know if you want one as a souvenir of your cycling days here,

        • I hear that we’ll have a ‘team store’ soon where everyone will be able to order what they like. I’ll let you know when that’s up and running, so you can look ‘vicious’ at that event.

          Thanks for the offer, but I probably would never wear the jersey. I’ve already got a few that they hand out as freebies at races in France that end up in the ‘poubelle’.

    • Hi Steph,

      Only one comment came through, so it’s all good. We’re going to have the prices nailed down soon. We know the base price, but need to factor in the cost they charge for designing. I’ll get back to you soon.

    • We don’t know the prices yet, Jules. We have to get the design costs back from Pactimo first, then factor those into the base. I’ll email you with the details when I have them. By the way, are you THE Jules…i.e. the Julian from out team?

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