Team Vicious Cycle is Recruiting (yes, again..)


Well, that was quick. It took only a few hours to fill up our last two spots. More info coming soon on the new, global look to TVC. Now to figure out how to fit all the flags into the logo… 

I guess it was just too good to last. Our 9-man Haute Route team has taken a hit and we have lost two riders (Aaron and Wes, if you are keeping track). Although we’ll miss them, even if we’ve never met them, it’s time to move on. We now have 7 guys on the team and we need 9 to complete the picture.

I’m not saying we’ll take anybody, but we took me, so we should be OK with nearly anybody. A girl or two would be nice, but I’m just speaking for myself. There are still a few places left on this year’s Haute Route Alps, I hear, so anyone out there who has been sitting on the fence for the past 3 or 4 months, here is your big chance! We’d also definitely consider a rider who has already registered as an individual (not on a team already).

With your new membership to Team Vicious Cycle comes not only the coolest team name in this year’s event, but some really awesome kit (coming soon) and the knowledge that you’ll be riding for something bigger than yourself.

OK, that last part isn’t true. Anyway, if you have an interest in our little team, let me know.

20 thoughts on “Team Vicious Cycle is Recruiting (yes, again..)

  1. C’mon – take our spots. You’ll get a nice mixture of Canadian, southern US, and even an Ireland accent, plus you’ll get to draft off McDiesel (if you can keep up).

    Best of luck to you guys. As tough as it was to make, it was the right decision. My injury recovery has been slower than expected. The last thing I want is a DNF. I hope you guys have a great time and decide to do it again in 2014.

  2. Gerry
    I have an entry for the HR but no team, 55 year old, live Edinburgh. Will up your team age average (!) but drop me your contact details and I can introduce myself. Thanks

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