“Vicious Cycle” – It’s Not Just a Team Anymore

After running it by my generous teammates, I have decided to change my long-standing blog name from Mr Patterson Goes to Languedoc to The Vicious Cycle. Although I still have a little attachment to the old, quaint name, it doesn’t really speak to what I’m all about these days (other than me being in Languedoc, I guess).

The Vicious Cycle, however, nails it just about perfectly. I often feel like I’ve been sucked into a world I can’t (and don’t want to!) escape from, and I just go deeper and deeper into it. Know what I mean? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

In honor of my new title I am also changing the header photo to rotate randomly (click ‘refresh’ to test!). I’ve also tried to choose photos that reflect what this vicious cycle has led me into. Although not really ‘vicious’, it is a ‘cycle’ of sorts.

Welcome to the new/old blog!


29 thoughts on ““Vicious Cycle” – It’s Not Just a Team Anymore

  1. The change and new title are very appropriate. I find it’s like a vortex that gathers momentum each week and as the bike gets more and more focus other things get spun off as well. How else do we find those extra hours for training. Best, JS

  2. Love it! Have you considered buying a domain name for your blog? I checked and ViciousCycle.com is not available (motorcycle site has it, whatever), but I’m sure you could find a variation.

  3. Good stuff! It seems that your blog is growing up, moving from infancy into teenager years…..well done Gezz! It might take a while to get used to the new you! The good doctor nailed the best description for the impact cycling has with “Vortex”!

  4. Gerry, just discovered your blog after Aaron landed on mine, and now I am keenly following Team Vicious Cycle’s progress towards the Haute Route 2013. Always brilliant to keep tabs on fellow amateur riders who set a goal and work hard to achieve. Wishing you all the best as you pedal furiously towards the Alps. Cheers! James.

    • Welcome to the blog, James! I’ve ‘seen’ you around, I think, probably on Aaron’s blog, I guess. I’ve taken a look at you ‘bucket list’ blog and is a great read, too. Are you a Montrealer? I’m catching the whiff of ‘Brit’ from the little I’ve read.

      • Born and raised in the UK (first 20 years of my life) and a Montrealer for the second 20. Love living over here but we could use some more hills! I am envious of you living in France. My folks have a place within sight of Mont Ventoux and I rode there one summer – incredible. Can’t wait to get back one day. Will have to live vicariously through your training for the next little while. I’s getting cold out here but I keep riding outdoors until the snow lands, then it’s into the basement! Ride safe!

        • I lived in Quebec for 10 years – you’re a brave man for riding at this time of year…then again, it was colder in the ’70s.

          I live within sight of Ventoux as well (if I climb the hill behind my place), so probably have passed by your parents’ place once or twice. Sounds like you don’t need many reasons to come over for a visit.

        • Don’t need a reason to come over, more the money and the time! Next time I visit my folks in Apt I’ll give you plenty of notice and perhaps you could show me some of the good climbs around you…and of course we could tackle Ventoux. I still have to do that!

        • Funny, I remember a very similar exchange that led me to getting suckered into Haute Route. Beware, James! There may be no turning back from here!

          On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 1:44 PM, The Vicious Cycle wrote:

          > ** > Gerry Patterson commented: “Sounds like a plan. I’m (nearly) always up > for a Ventoux climb!” >

  5. Aaron, I shall tread (pedal?) with caution, but between you and me, the idea of the Haute Route is very appealing! I love a challenge and I have not done a major one since competing in RAAM in the corporate division in 2005. We crossed the country in 6 days 7 hours 33 minutes (team of 8 in relay). It’s got to be time for a new challenge soon!

    • Of course I am kidding, and we are all very excited about the adventure. Too bad we didn’t bump into you a couple months ago when we were looking to fill some spots.

      RAAM sounds amazing. A friend of mine did it. That’s one for my bucket list.

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