Off-season Upgrades: The New Address

Aaron, over at Steepclimbs, had a great (and cheap!) idea for the new blog name – change the url address at the same time. I tried to get ‘viciouscycle’, ‘theviciouscycle’, ‘vicious-cycle’, and a few others, before resigning myself to the fact that I am not that creative after all, and in fact, it’s a pretty popular name. The best I could do was:

Incoming links should redirect to this address, but it would be faster if you updated your links (if you have any – on your blog, for example) to reflect the new name. Until life takes another turn, I promise I won’t be making any more changes!

8 thoughts on “Off-season Upgrades: The New Address

  1. And there I was just congratulating myself on the fact that your change of name wouldn’t mean that I ought to change my link. Are you sure you aren’t going to change it again? There are all sorts of possibilities: ‘spin cycle’ for your winter training,’economic cycle’ for your less expensive tours, ‘unicycle’ for any research projects you might get PhDs to do on your behalf, ‘water cycle’ for posts about going out on a pedalo or in bad weather…..etc etc etc. I don’t want to keep on having to change your link at my age. I’ll get confused.

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