Three, One Hundred, Done!

Today I present to you my very first cycling YouTube video!

15 thoughts on “Three, One Hundred, Done!

  1. That’s a fair bit of climbing for your area. Well done. We’re off to Cantal tomorrow for an overnight stay. Will definitely load up on protein there!

    I used the camera. No video on my old iPhone.

  2. At first, I thought the camera was attached to your helmet. I couldn’t imagine how you looked to the side for such incredibly long periods! LOL It’s very nice to attached a voice to the face. Perhaps I’ll break out the video function at some point!

    • Thanks. I really didn’t think I could embed videos until I tried. I think it was the space upgrade I made a couple weeks ago. But agreed, videos take a bit more dexterity…

  3. Fartleking in a new dimension! Nice work, and really steady, impressed that there was no sudden stop into a plane tree as you were passing your Roman garden!
    I noticed a reasonable turn of speed climbing the hill – striking fear into the minds and legs of your fellow E’Tape competitors?…and then smugly smile as you pass em!

  4. Thanks, Steve. It’s trickier work than photos for sure. I think my main obstacle today was tourists, not plane trees, though. It was like an obstacle course getting over the Pont du Gard. And yeah, I was thinking the video made me look like I was going fast as well. I’m pretty sure that’s an optical illusion…

  5. OH Yeah, the tourists……bonus points for hitting them! Having been to Pont du Gard, I must admit some sharp breath intakes as I watched the video, as I know how narrow the pathways are…..but they all seemed to be pretty relaxed by your smooth mooves, it wold not have been the same here I can tell you! (perhaps they knew they were going to star on your blog)

  6. Hi Gerry,

    We leave tomorrow for France, and I am wondering what is the best way to be able to catch up?

    I look forward to your advice,



      • Hi Gerry,

        Desole, non!

        Sorry for the delay, we are having problems sourcing a SFR SIM with the data plan that is supposed to be available for our iPhone 4…..Perhaps it is a bloody minded Parisienne attitude – we tries 3 of them, so we have arrived in Le Mans last night, and are now in a “American Fast Food” chain’s carpark sponging some of their free WiFi to catch up with emails and other mandatory web sites!
        We will try a SFR in Le Mans to see if they are more agreeable, and hopefully then be able to re-join the global community!

        I hope it is OK to do this on your blog, but our email address here is

        Good luck with L’Etape, we will be thinking of you!!

        Looking forward to seeing Friday’s stage, hopefully with some fine weather!

        Hopefully see you in a couple of days.

        Steve and Julia

  7. Good luck with SFR. I think I remember that they only have that deal for iPhone 3, but really not sure. Hope you can get it worked out. thanks for the words of encouragement!

  8. Hi Gerry,

    Just to confirm that your contact details did not come through!

    Friday was great, as you’d expect, so looking forward to Wednesday when we have a look at that day’s stage!

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