Two, One Hundred…

On today’s century (of the metric sort) I was accompanied by my Ventoux comrade, John. We rode one of the many great routes he has compiled over the years and went through some nice countryside.

It's not all olives and sunflowers down here.

Here’s John contemplating the hill we are about to climb.

After that hill John took me to what seems to be one of the oldest chateaux in Languedoc and which also appears to be owned today by the original family. That is some feat, considering nearly all large landowners were chucked out (or worse) during the French Revolution. Anyway, if you’d like to confirm for yourself (in French), here you are: Chateau de Montlaur.

And a little closer.

Join me tomorrow for more fartleking fun, if I can make it to 100, that is. It’s starting to hurt…

6 thoughts on “Two, One Hundred…

  1. a little motivation…..comes from a song by the group Salt-n-Peppa PUSH IT !!!!!!!!!

    pain is only a feeling it will pass in time….

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