I am only 2 big fartleks and a tapered week away from the Etape du Tour and I’ve just reached a milestone (er, kilometerstone?) – 6000 km this year. And although the folks in the photo below have started without me, I’ve got no time to celebrate. Busy weekend of morning rides and afternoon TdF viewing ahead of me! I do love July in France…

7 thoughts on “6000

  1. Huzzah! That’s an impressive distance, especially since it is only July 1! Enjoy the TdF and please give us your thoughts on events as they unfold.

    • Thanks, Steve. It helps to work only mornings, I have to say. I don’t know how others manage distances like this (and they do…and more) with regular jobs and families. That’s impressive.

      Are you able to watch the Tour over there? Live, I mean?

      • I’m not sure. I know Versus network carries TdF and I’ll usually catch a bit of the replay each evening after work. They might carry it live, but on most days I’m at work so I can’t be bothered to find out. I have only a passing interest in TdF (which makes me a heretic, I know) and I won’t be investing nearly as much time into it as you will. That’s why I need your outstanding reports!

  2. Way to go Gerry. Very impressive. Like you, I’m looking forward to the next chapter of the TdF. LEt us know how the French react as the competition unfolds. And only 10 days to your E’Tape de Tour.

  3. The French gave Armstrong a pretty hard time for several of his Tours, so it’ll be interesting to see how they treat Contador, now that he’s suspect. He has been staying away from here all season (no races in France) for a reason, I bet.

  4. Update: Versus does, in fact, broadcast the TdF live. I caught about 20 minutes of Stage 1 today and watched the peloton slowly reel in a breakaway of three riders.

    • It was quite the exciting finish, especially with the minute-plus gap that Contador now has to close between himself and Schleck and Evans (my outside pic, by the way). If you want more of the TdF (and really, who doesn’t..?) you can check out Steephill TV for live internet coverage options, if you’re around when it’s happening that is.

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