Weekend in Hell – A Teaser

Like Dante on a bike, it seems I’m about to descend into Hell tomorrow. With a little luck, I’ll make it out.

I’ve been generously offered a press trip by Freewheeling France, a new France cycling website; and Pavé Cycling Classics, a new tour company in the north of France. Below is the schedule I just received this morning. It is absolutely jam-packed with rides on famous Spring Classics, like Gent Wevelgem, the Tour of Flanders and of course a long 120 km ride on the rough cobbles of Paris-Roubaix (affectionately known as the Hell of the North) – the whole reason for the trip.


I just read through this and thought it might give some idea about how bone jolting the cobbles might be.


I have a feeling this is my kind of tour company. They even have ‘beer time’ scheduled!

12 thoughts on “Weekend in Hell – A Teaser

  1. Fear not Gerry, if you suddenly fall ill to a mystery virus, I’d be happy to do the honourable thing and take your place!
    Have a great weekend, make sure you drink plenty of that cloudy beer 😉

  2. Bad arse. Thanks for the heads up on this, will contact them for a tour next year, as I am heading over for Paris-Roubaix, RVV, LBL, Amstel and the Giro.

    Have fun you lucky bastard.

    Remember, if you do 50km/h the cobbles are easier!

    • Good couple of guys, it seems. One Irish, the other Belgian. I’m sure they’d appreciate the business.

      And coming over for 5 races next spring…who’s calling who the lucky bastard?

      What happens at 30 kph, cause I’m sure that’s about as much as can muster…

  3. a sample of cobblestone reporting…..Here ( thud) we ( wump) are ( bang dam there goes a shock ) Race ( bump ) Fans ( bumpity bumpity bump bump ) ( gotta stop taking breaths ) We are about ( bump ) to ( bump ) start (whack) the race ( bang) …..***seems as though the reporter has gotten his share of bumps and he has not even started the race…… well done now can you use a Camera while race reporting? Great job you deserve it for all your hard work

    • Luckily this one’s not a race (for me at least), so I won’t have a hundred riders to bring down with me when I inevitably fall on the cobbles! Thanks for the well wishes…maybe save them for next week though, when WILL have a race 😉

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