2011 Paris – Roubaix Route Map (April 10)

I don’t think the overall route of Paris-Roubaix ever changes much, but they always add and subtract cobble sections to mix things up and to preserve the remaining pavé that is left in the north of France. This article from VeloNews lists all the cobble sections (a couple of new ones) with their difficulty ratings.

Paris-Roubaix is THE spring classic and this year’s edition is going to very interesting, now that Fabian Cancellara was confirmed human in last week’s Tour of Flanders. There will be a real elite crowd vying for the pavé trophy, including Cancellara of course, Tom Boonen, George Hincapie (my sentimental favorite), Thor Hushovd, and a bunch of others I can’t think of.

For live internet and TV coverage check out Steephill. Eurosport will have coverage, as will France 2 (if you live in France).

Reading material? Try big, glossy Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell, or the excellent The Spring Classics: Cycling’s Greatest One-day Races for something that covers all the early-season races.

Incidentally, I’ll be riding a portion of the route this Saturday with these guys, AND watching it live along the pavé. Stay tuned for a cobbled wrap-up next week!

13 thoughts on “2011 Paris – Roubaix Route Map (April 10)

  1. Do you have a favorite spot to watch from? I am heading to France tomorrow specifically to try to catch a glimpse. Thinking of heading to Compeigne the day before to hopefully pick up some memorabilia, then locating a good spot along the pave to wait…and cheer. Gruson seems like a good candidate. Do you have any advice?

    • This’ll be my first time and I’m really at the mercy of the guys running the trip. Sorry I can’t be if any help, but sounds like you’ve got it Sussed out pretty well.

      Are you riding any of it or just watching?

      • Just watching…this time! Enjoy your ride- looks like the weather is going to be agreeable, as well. Which is great if you are the one doing the riding, but a bit of mud and grime for the pro’s makes it even that much more exciting. Good luck and have a great ride!

    • Marc, I just got the schedule from the guys who are organizing our rides this weekend. Here’s where they’re taking us and the times. Seems that people ‘chase the race’ from spot to spot.

      La Trouée d’Arenberg – 2:15
      Chemin des Prieres – 2:55
      Carrefour de L’arbre – 3:45

      No guarantee this will work, but they SHOULD know what they’re doing…

  2. Look, I appreciate that living in Australia is brilliant, but my goodness (please appreciate i am too jealous to swear) you make it hard to enjoy what we have here!!

    Have an awesome time, we will think of you as we get up at god knows what unreasonable time Monday morning to watch the Roubaix, and then spend the day in the office with matchsticks propping our eyes open : )

    Look forward to the report.

  3. Steve, you really can’t complain. You’ve got southern France weather…and you get to speak English! It really is the lucky country.

    But, I accept your jealousy with happiness.

    Assuming I can sit on my chair on Monday, the report will be up then!

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