Rite of Passage – A Man in Tight Shorts becomes a Cyclist

I can truthfully say that until sometime last year I never thought this day would come. For years I was the bike touring guy. Ortlieb panniers, sturdy shoes and just about anything from Mountain Equipment Coop were the signs that identified me.

Well good reader, although I still love my MEC, I’ve turned a corner. Since moving to France a couple years ago I’ve done far more day rides than touring, so evolution was inevitable, I guess. You’re aware that I now have a new road bike that wouldn’t have any idea what to do with a pannier; new shoes, new tight shirts with big back pockets, and now…the final symbolic (and it is symbolic, since I can’t think of any good reason to do it) task – I’ve shaved my legs.

First, this is what it all looked like before the operation. Parental guidance is advised.

And here’s how I did it. Lacking clippers, or the spare resources to buy them, Shoko took the scissors to my hair. Surprisingly, this worked reasonably well, but took ages.

Then I hopped in the shower with a bucket, shaving cream and a razor and proceeded to contort myself in uncomfortable and tricky positions to ensure all sides, nooks and crannies were shaved.

So there it is. I’ve crossed over no-man’s land, made the leap, fell off the fence, etc. At least from the tan line down, I’m a cyclist now.

12 thoughts on “Rite of Passage – A Man in Tight Shorts becomes a Cyclist

  1. Oh boy !!!! I was a little concerned about how much you shaved off !!!! and from where… but it is all dead weight….take it off !!!

    wind resistance…there has to be a formula somewhere on the net !!

  2. Congratulations. I guess! It’s too late now, but consider this: how absolutely cool would it be to drop all those riders who, before the race, were sneering at your hairy legs?

    Best of luck to you – I think you’re going to have a fantastic race season!

  3. I found it ….. deals with cycling… (drag force)=-b*(speed)^2.

    here is the website reference..
    and then there is this
    Why Bikers Shave -Shaved legs serve several purposes for cyclists:According to Bryan Roberts, an instructor at the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University in the UK, about two-thirds of the aerodynamic drag caused by cyclists comes from their bodies — and it can easily be reduced by “wearing a smooth suit or by shaving the skin.”
    by the way .. the best reason is that other cyclist like it LMAO !!!!

  4. Excellent!

    Soon you’ll be a really real roadie and shudder whenever your legs get hairy, or shudder at the thought of it.

    I want to get mine lazered.


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