Etoile de Besseges 2011 – From the Paparazzi

While I was suffering in the low mountains of the Cévennes earlier this month, Shoko stalked around the departure area, where a professional race was starting an hour or so after ours.

It seems this is a fairly typical tactic for organizers and my next race (on the 26th) will be the same weekend as a pro race of similar name and (but much longer) route.  It’s a great idea to double up on these things and gives us lowly amateurs the feeling everything is being organized for us! In the case of this particular race it was good for Shoko too, since it gave her something to do for 2 hours and 36 minutes. Here are some pictures she took.

Katusha team bikes, I think

Tommy Voeckler, one of France's best riders

Even pros get nervous before a big race

Belgium Champion - Stijn Devolder

5 thoughts on “Etoile de Besseges 2011 – From the Paparazzi

  1. Very nice. In my one sportive of the season – the US Air Force Classic in June – a similar schedule is followed. The pros race on Saturday, then the amateurs race. On Sunday, the sportive goes first followed by another pro race.

  2. It makes for a festive atmosphere, for sure. Good luck with yours. I just checked it out online. So, to get Gold you need to have to average 21 kph, is that right? Probably not that hard, but I’ll bet you’ll have plenty of ‘obstacles’ on the course that could slow you down, since it seems open to one and all.

    • It’s 100km in 3.5 hours, or 28.6 km/h. I figure I need to average 21 MILES per hour if I take a couple short breaks for water and food. This will be impossible for me without some good drafting.

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