Looking for Montcalm – Part Deux

On the weekend I went out in search of General Montcalm’s old pad, since I failed miserably the last time. This time was a cinch, thanks to a little research beforehand. So, without further ado, voila, the Chateau de Montcalm.

The chateau, I just found out, was built in the early 1600s using stone from the ramparts of Nîmes, probably of Roman origin, but I’m not clear on this point. In the next century it served as a refuge for persecuted Protestants during the the War of the Camisards, and is now an equestrian training center that hosts weddings and other events. That’s why I couldn’t get closer – propriété privée.

And speaking of religion, here’s something you don’t see every day in France – religious vandalism. Written over a deep canal, this seemed a little like a taunting dare. I stayed safely on my bike…you can’t trust everything you read.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Montcalm – Part Deux

  1. Sorry Gerry! Have now corrected my faux pas. I’m just a moron – I regularly call my own kids by the wrong names (each other’s, the dog’s, the llamas’ etc!) 😦
    Stay tough,

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