Gearing Up

There’s a lot I didn’t really think through when I decided to start racing this year. That is, everything.

When one comes up with brilliant ideas like this, sometimes one doesn’t do any research beforehand. Well, that’s the case with this ‘one’ anyway. So apart from the facts I’ve mentioned many times before (old, fat, etc.), there’s the simple fact that technology is important for your success.

Therefore, in my ongoing search for ways to make me faster, I bought new pedals (Look Keo Classics).

And new shoes to fit into them (Mavic Pro Road).

Why? Because I found out I had mountain bike pedals on my new bike (taken from my old touring bike) and that just won’t do. In France, it’s OK to lose, but you have to look good doing it. I did shave off a few hundred grams in the process (as well as a few hundred from my bank account…), and as the woman at the bike shop helpfully told me today, “you need all the advantages you can get”.

13 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. Hi

    Found your blog googling for “Eddy fit”. I really like your blog and you have a new regular follower. 🙂

    I have pedalled away 55 kg on my road bike the last year and then some. Sadly it’s winter here in Norway now and my brand new bike is stationed on my Satory. Until the snow and ice is gone i will live vicarously through you.

    I am also blogging about my lifestyle change. Sadly it is in norwegian so I don’t think you’ll understand it. 🙂

    Thanx for a nice blog and interesting posts.

    • Thanks Rolf, and too bad your blog is in Norwegian, although I’m going to check it out now and see what i can make out. I’d love to know how you lost 55 kg! However, if I did that there wouldn’t be much left of me to hop on the bike.

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