Who Could Have Guessed?

January 27, 2011. Today I went shopping for more essential racing gear.

Correct, safety pins.

What I had originally thought was a weird esoteric joke by Karsten (he asked me if I had them yet), turns out to be a serious piece of intel on equipment that, for some reason, riders in France need to supply themselves. And it’s no joke, I read a blog recently about a Canadian who did a race in the Alps last year, only to have to run around in a panic before the start, trying to figure out a way to attach his race number to his jersey. Fortunately for him he found a generous soul with a stapler. So there’s more than one way to get those things on.

Update: Been up and down the little mountain behind our apartment more times than I can count (if I use all my fingers and thumbs to count, that is..) lately, so tomorrow I plan a long, flat(ish) ride to build up some badly-needed cardio and then a reconn ride to the Cévennes on the weekend. I want to see what sort of madness I’m getting myself into.

3 thoughts on “Who Could Have Guessed?

  1. Then there’s the art of pinning the bib. You don’t want it to flap madly on the descends, when you’re screaming down the hillside, trying like heck to catch up to the guys 20 years older. I’ve been there, trust me.
    Pin it nice and low, over the pockets of your jersey, without closing them shut. Yes, use all four pins in their respective corners. You can of course watch other racers, but not everyone knows what they are doing.

  2. Couldn’t you have said ‘guys 20 years YOUNGER’? But yeah, I’m sure those guys won’t even be within eyesight after the start.

    Wasn’t it you who told me to use 8 pins? Maybe I read it somewhere. Anyway, I’m bring a whole pack just in case. Good tip on the pockets. I wouldn’t have thought to put them there.

    • dude, relax! take 4.
      No wait, take the whole bag and try to sell sets of four for the price of the whole bag to the guys waiting in line. Bingo!

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