Castillon du Gard

Testing the limits of modern medicine (you may know I’m undergoing treatment on my knee…), I went out hard for a 60 km loop around the eastern end of our little mountain range we have behind Nîmes. On the way, to the west of the Pont du Gard, I passed by this oddity. I think it is a milliaire, one of several Roman milestones that still exist in Languedoc. Of course I could be completely wrong, so someone who knows might want to set me straight.

And just a comment before I continue. I mentioned above that it was a hard ride. Well, I’m in training so that’s normal, but I’m finding something a little distressing. In the not-so-distant past when I pushed hard my body would respond. There seems to be a slight disconnect between what my will dictates and my body can deliver right now. I REALLY hope it’s not age and that it’s just the fact that I’ve been a slack-ass for these few years in France. Anyway, I’m concerned. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

My goal today was Castillon du Gard, a village I have seen a few times from the motorcycle and warrants one star on my Michelin map. It was a pretty village of cobbled streets and obvious antiquity, along with a super panoramic view of the area. Here’s my first glimpse of it.

And then inside..

With the sun getting low I rode south to hook up with a dreaded Nationale – a fast, busy route with lots of trucks and such. I’m starting to appreciate them a little more since I bought my Bianchi though, since I can really get up some constant speed up on them. With my mind-body miscommunication, I can use all the help I can get. And oh, modern medicine is doing alright. I can still walk.

3 thoughts on “Castillon du Gard

  1. Uh oh, not cruceates I hope. Still we know a doctor with a drill who does a good job here in Creuse! He sorted Chris’s knee out after twenty years of problems with it.
    Look at your sunshine and blue skies! Fog and frost in central France 😦

  2. Nope, it’s not the ligament. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Osteo-arthritis, or the beginnings of it, at least.

    Yep, the sun is out most days right now, so won’t complain. You’ve got your advantages in le centre, I’m sure. I mean, where would you put all your llamas down here?

  3. OK… we are watching you train…. so I need more data….like in the Tour races.. they show the stages and rate the hill climbs… we see the stage but how about your hill climbing in your traning regiment in chart form please LOL

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