I went west today, along my now-favorite bike path to get out of the city. I made a loop of it though this time and turned right into the village of Cournonterall – a typical bland suburb along the path, but like almost all towns and cities in France, has a hidden Medieval heart. Here’s the not-so-medieval town hall.


And the very Medieval church around the corner.


And the oozing-with-Medievalness tower at its side. This is particularly cool because it has been converted into a house, I think. 


This is part of the protective wall that must have surrounded the village at one point. One thing I love about (most of) the French is their near-fanatic desire to preserve the past (their love of Jerry Lewis and Johnny Haliday is a different, but related story!). Don’t tear down that wall, just cut a discrete hole in it, just big enough for a citroen (but not a GM!) to squeeze through.


A little sign of spring, while it lasts…


And finally the view from the other side.



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