Parc le Duc

I got an invitation from good friends Ienke and Magali to join them for lunch at Parc le Duc, a little pocket of Holland in Languedoc! It’s a trailer park without the trailers, basically. Instead, there are a bunch of little cottages owned almost entirely by Dutch holiday makers. Anyway, it’s in a very lovely part of the countryside, and the ride up is great, too. Here is a small escarpment on the way up.

And a tiny gorge road that had no cars at all the whole way through.



Some snow-capped mountains in les Cevennes. I don’t know why, but I take perverse pleasure in seeing snow when I’m wearing shorts…


And after a spin through the valley towards that snow I was there. Awaiting me were the smiling faces of Ienke and Magali.


Our lunch (camera angle by Magali).


And more smiles. But when your are in the first week of March and it’s 21 degrees, you really should be smiling.


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