Pic St. Loup loop

The bite was off the air a little today and I started feeling (totally unwarranted, as usual) like Spring was here. Anyway, delusional or not, I took the bike out for a long spin in the hills north of the city and re-realized this is by far the best cycling area around here. Endless options for ‘white roads’, not many cars at all, and tons of variety in scenery conspire to collectively kick south, east and west’s asses. I thought I’d go up to Pic St. Loup and see if going around it might be possible on a long day ride. Here is what turns out to be an identical shot from a few months ago on our way to St. Guilhem le Desert. If I took it twice it must be nice!


Next is a square in St. Mathieu de Treviers. Not terribly exciting, but the village is a good place to start a hike to the summit of Pic St. Loup, and beyond.


From there I took a tiny road which led above the village to a little carpark used by hikers. I used it to eat.


Here’s the view from my lunch spot – the ruins of Chateau de Montferrand, a place I’ll have to trade in my cycling shoes for hiking boots to get to, by the looks of it.


I was not without company for lunch up there. These two horses were convinced I had food for them, no matter how many times I told them otherwise.


On the way back home I took another route, through the medieval village of Les Matelles and past the source of the Lez (both described at least once each previously), but I did happen upon a bridge that may or may not have to be added to my ‘Roman Leftovers’ list on this blog. The thing is, there was no sign of course. I’ll let you decide if this is Roman or merely medieval. I’m adding it to the Roman list for now though, until proven otherwise.

Update: so it’s not Roman after all. At least it’s Romanesque! Built 900 years ago along a older Roman road, according to this website:




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