Murles and Back

The Spring-like weather is still hanging around here, so I didn’t need much push to get myself in the saddle this morning. It’s incredible, but I found yet another area that is totally new to me, just 15 km or so from home. A region of many small mountains, forests, and little valleys, that make for great cycling…which goes without saying, I suppose. 

I left Montpellier via one of the universities and the zoo, taking this nice little bike path (also known as the tram line) to avoid cars. 


This led to an actual cycling path outside the city that I’ve highlighted once or twice already. Up a ways I turned west, ducked under a highway, and found myself in new territory. Here are a couple of pictures of the paysage. Interesting (to me at least) because not 100% of the arable land has been turned over to vineyards. Strange to see fields that produce something you can eat around here.


After a little while of this, I cut up a valley towards my destination, the village of Murles. 


This is Murles from a distance.


And here it is close up. 







I thought this was especially cool. The sign says ‘Plan of the bread oven’ (I think ‘plan’ is another word for square, but anyone with better French is welcome to correct me). Anyway, lo and behold here’s the communal bread oven. Still in use by the smell of it.


And then it was back to Montpellier and more tramway cycling lanes.



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