Narbonne to Agde

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that I failed to finish a trip I’d planned over the holidays. Well, today (and the last ride/post) finishes it by linking up Montpellier to Narbonne, where I wimped out in the rain a couple weeks ago.

I took the train to Narbonne on a wonderfully rainless morning and immediately cut southwest through the vineyards. I had a great wind (another total change from my failure two weeks ago) so didn’t stop too much. This little church in Vinassan was worth one though. The plaque on front said it was built in the 11th century, which got me thinking that I almost never see anything from that particular century. Seems everything is either Roman or 12th century or newer. If someone would like to answer this mystery, feel free.


I had lunch in this very typical southern French square, totally devoid of human activity since it was a Sunday. Remember the days when things weren’t open on Sunday? Yeah, me neither..


After lunch I crossed the Orb River.


And then hooked up with the Canal du Midi, which ends at Sete (and the sea), near my destination. 


And after an effortless 53 km I was at Agde (pronounced ‘agged’ – thanks Peter and Magali!) again. 



Which got me on a train that brought me back home to Montpellier where, even without Sunday shopping, humans can be seen in town.



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