Ride Forrest, Ride!

I had every intention of working today, till the sun came out that is. We’ve had a week or so of rain and cold, and my iPhone was calling for more on the way, so I made a last-minute decision, packed up the bike, and ran for the station. My plan – take the train up to Nimes, then ride up to Pont du Gard (not pictured below…) then make my way way back to Nimes, or another town on the line to Montpellier. Well, that was my plan, and that plan was squashed by the TGV that doesn’t take bikes.

So, without thinking much about how far it might be, I hopped back on the bike and headed northeast, towards Pont du Gard (http://www.pontdugard.fr/index.php?langue=GB). I stopped in Sommieres (see our first weekend trip for that one) for a pain au raisin, then headed into uncharted territory in the department of Gard.

It was cool and very windy today, which made for these nice, fluffy skies.




On the marathon that was today, I rode through plenty of scenery that my insufficient camera tried hard to catch, but as usual, failed miserably at.



Yes, you’re right, that’s Pic St. Loup, looking west from inside Gard. It’s a testament to the flatness of the plains around here that a 600 meter mountain can gawk at you from just about everywhere you go. 

So, I rode and rode, and rode some more. I rode till the sun was about to set and I was not really getting close to Pont du Gard (enlarge the map to see where I didn’t make it to…). So, I turned left, skipped (by which I mean crawled) over a few sets of high hills / low mountains and coasted into the rush hour of Nimes.



Nimes is, of course, a great little city with an incredible Roman coliseum and a perfectly preserved Roman temple. But I was too rooted to stop for either this time, and just fought my way through the traffic to the station, and my TER all the way home.


One thought on “Ride Forrest, Ride!

  1. You were very lucky.

    I did some runs to the tip (on the Sommieres / Saussines border) yesterday, then walked around Sommieres catching up with various people. I arrived in Sommieres at 12.00 (OK I was lunching with friends !).

    I got soaked several times during the day.


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