The Source of The Lez

It’s funny, after all these rides I’ve done around Montpellier in the past few months I can still find something new and nice. There’s a small town (more like a suburb of Montpellier) called Montferrier, just to the north of the city, that is actually the original settlement in the area, if I understand my French Montpellier history book. This town has a great cycling path that goes on and on and on, as the next three photos prove.




OK, that last one was more like a shoulder than a path, I admit it. After Montferrier I headed north on this rode (D112E2) for a few kms, then veered off onto a deserted road that leads to the source of the Lez, the river that runs through Montpellier. Here I am, sporting my new tights at said source.


And here is the source itself. At least I hope it is because that is what I told an elderly trio that came by while I was snapping these shots.



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