Our Lady of Wine Growers – Vacquieres

After nearly a week of irritating rain and cold weather, the sun popped out today and everything was good again on the Mediterranean. I decided to just ride north till I couldn’t take it anymore, then turn around and suffer all the way back home. Luckily there was a northerly that turned my suffering into coasting, and my legs aren’t screaming at me too, too much this morning. I started out near the Place de la Comedie, where, incidentally, Lance Armstrong will hopefully be starting his team time trial next July!

The ride today looked like this:

And this:

And this:

But it wasn’t all empty roads. I did have some obstacles…

I made it to Corconne, a few kilometers north of Vacquieres, where they take no chances with the success of their grape harvest…

Traveling north got me thinking about just keeping on, and where I might end up after a week or so. Well, if Google maps is right, I should be stumbling into Paris, if I stick to a straight line…add that one to the list!

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