Via Domitia

I’ve been getting around Montpellier pretty effectively recently, and have the feeling (probably unfounded) that I’m running out of places to discover, so I decided to ride out in one direction and take the train back today. My destination was the Roman site of Ambrussum, with its piece of bridge and Roman road.

The ride out was excellent, as usual, with fiery-red vineyards and clear, blue skies the whole way. Here’s a particularly pleasant stretch of tree-lined road.

The archaeological site itself was not much to see, with an untrained eye at least, but the bridge was severely impressive. Take a look at the size of the individual blocks of stone on this thing!

I had forgotten about this from the guide book, but there is also a stretch of the Via Domitia, the ancient Roman road that stretched from Rome to Spain, and left behind a bunch of bridges for me to ride to! I walked the bike up the steep path to the beginning of the road and hopped on the bike for a little spin. How many people can say they’ve ridden on an authentic Roman highway! Probably quite few, and I could understand why after a few hundred meters…after 2000 years they are bumpy as hell. Still, pretty impressive that after all that time you can even see it, let alone ride a road bike on it!

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