Go West

I knew it would be like this, but I’ve been going up and down (north and south, that is) for the past month, so I figured I had to try the other two directions and see what they held. The thing is, down here, the main highways, train line, and cities, all go east west, through the flat bits of Languedoc. So, if you cycle either way you will be following the rest of the world.

I tried to find some ‘white’ roads once I got out of town, and I did have a stretch of very nice road for a few kms, but I think I’ll have to get farther out to get to some better riding. There are some hills though, so if I need a workout I know which direction to go.

Here is where I started, just up from the apartment.

And in a few minutes passed Montpellier’s very own aqueduct.

Here is that nice bit of road I was talking about.

When that road ended I stopped for a stretch at the source of one of the many really tiny rivers here, and found out that I was on the Camino de Santiago. Having done that walk a few years back, I’m sure if I’d seen a yellow arrow I would on my way to Spain right now (sorry for the cryptic message there…you need to have done it – or maybe seen a TV show –  to understand)!

After the rest it was uphill into the city and bike paths all the way back home, where I started, looking the opposite way.

One thought on “Go West

  1. Hi Gerry,
    like your blog, new entries every other day and funny too!! Looks like you’re busy… drinking all those Belgian beers 🙂 Safe some for me, will ya?
    Ali from Oakland

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