Maguelone Cathedral

I finally made it back to the cathedral of Maguelone , but I’m afraid I’m not much better equipped with photos. The place is just too darned dark, and I guess my hands are not as steady as they used to be before the Belgian beer.

But the ride was wonderful. Down the bike-pathed road to the Canal du Rhone a Sete, and along that bit of water to the beach near the church. This area is turning into one of my favorites when I want a hassle free ride, mainly due to all the bike paths around, and of course the pink flamingos…the camera-shy pink flamingos I guess I should say. They are always a little bit too much out of range for my little digital to capture, so the long wait continues.

The Romanesque cathedral of Maguelone was one of the most important churches in Europe 900 years ago, and served as the sanctuary for several popes, fleeing Rome I assume. Now, it’s just an ideal place to go by bike, surrounded by its own vineyards, the etangs (lagoons), and the nudists of the Mediterranean.

And a new route home, that started out with tons of promise…

…and ended with me riding on the tracks, racing the Montpellier tram home. I’ll have to find a ‘back door’ for the next time I do this ride.

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