Canal Philippe L’amour

I went east today to ride along this canal, named after either the American author of silly Westerns, or the worst-named French porn star ever! But I just want to say, I tried. I really tried. I went west then I went east, and I’m sorry to say it might be the last time I try either again. There is just too much traffic going these directions. I am sad to say that today was the first crap ride I’ve done here.

To avoid the big roads I took this potholed one…

…that thankfully turned into this…

But then ran into a highway, which I had to muscle my way around, before finally finding the canal…I have to say a pretty pathetic excuse for one, especially when put up against the more soberly named ones to the south.

And then the road deteriorated into this

After a few kilometers of this I gave up and took a road that said ‘Montpellier’, and rode near this

All in all, a learning experience day. Stick to the wonderful roads of the north and south, and stay away from anything named after adult film actors or Americans…


3 thoughts on “Canal Philippe L’amour

  1. Philippe Lamour was an important technocrat after World War II who was deeply committed to improving the conditions of Languedoc. Before the war he was part of a non-conformist movement, ni droit, ni gauche, that promoted “planification” and was the editor of a small neo-syndicalist publication “Plans.” Le Corbusier was also involved with this magazine.

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