Sommieres – Part 1

Woke up a bit spontaneous Saturday morning and decided to make use of the warmth that has returned to our area, and take our first multi-day cycling trip since our move. We chose Sommieres, over the border in Gard, as our destination, mainly because of my growing fetish with Roman bridges. This town has a really big one! More on that later…

It’s the ‘vendage’ now, so the smell of ripe grapes is all over the place down here. Here is a Massey Ferguson full of them.

The ride up was excellent – little traffic and lots and lots of sun. In France it is so easy to get away from cars and people. Just choose a small, white-colored road on any Michelin map and ride. Literally that simple. You aren’t always alone, of course…

We arrived at the hotel in Sommieres, got by the guard dog (or was that a piece of furniture…?),

and walked into town to find our bridge. This one is still in use, as you can see, and was on the main road through town, carrying all cars and trucks, till a bypass was built recently. The original bridge had 17 arches, so the guidebook says. All but the ones you see have been swallowed up by the old town on the right, I think.

I still find it totally amazing that some of these things are still being used after nearly 2000 years. Maybe George Bush should get some Romans to build his bridges. They might stop falling down.

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