A(nother) Roman Bridge Interlude

Summer came back today and I couldn’t pass up the chance to go for a sleeveless ride one more time this year. This time my Roman bridge was marked on the Michelin map so it had a little more promise than the last one. On the way up, I stopped at this 12th century church

And took the opportunity in colour contrast to snap a shot of my new Ortlieb pannier,

I hit a wonderful little ‘white road’ (Michelin users will know what I mean) after 12 km or so, and followed that all the way to the totally and utterly signless and once-again hidden Roman bridge.

That isn’t it. It’s a much newer aqueduct, but I’m just guessing because there was no sign…

First Sighting.                                                                  How did they get their legions up and                                                                             over this thing…?

Check out the totally straight lines! Not bad after 2000 years. This is a shot taken under the bridge.

The bridge (or rather, arch) is called Pont des Tourilles, and more information can be found here.

3 thoughts on “A(nother) Roman Bridge Interlude

  1. Hello !
    I’m the webmaster of Découverte 34 Hérault, Clément.
    This little bridge, le pont des Tourilles, is not a roman bridge, it has been built at the XIIth century. In french, we call it “Art Roman”, but in english it’s “Romanesque Art” (thank you Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanesque_art)..
    (sorry for being a bit late, I just found your page).

    • Merci, Clément. Yes, the French is tricky when it comes to distinguishing ‘Roman’ from ‘Romanesque’. I’m going to change the article when I get back from my vacation. That’s good information to know, actually, since I am doing short bike tours once in a while. I don’t want to give my clients the wrong information.

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