Sommieres – Part 2

There is more to Sommieres than its Roman ‘pont’. The old town is a compact maze of covered alleys and cozy squares (no, I didn’t rip that line off from my guide book…).

Oh, there is also a very large and old clock at the entrance to the old town, right at the end of the bridge.

And obviously, any self-respecting medieval town needs to have a half-ruined castle perched on the hill behind the town…

As you can see, I’m stretching this two-day trip for all its worth. Tomorrow I’ll add the return trip. It didn’t have Roman bridges, but somehow managed to be good nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Sommieres – Part 2

  1. Gerry,

    In a couple of your posts about Languedoc, you mention a guide book. Can you recommend one (or more) that you like. I plan on visiting the area for a couple of weeks of cycling and relaxing later on this spring.


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