North to the Foothills

Yesterday’s ride took me up towards that little mountain I’d been seeing from the city center. I later found out this is Pic St. Loup, where some pretty good wine hails from, I gather. There is also some good cycling up there, so stay tuned!

I love French cities, mainly because they usually don’t mess around with stale, generic suburbs before hitting the countryside. Montpellier, because it is growing so fast, is not the same as most, but still I was on the road pictured above in about 20 minutes from the center of town.

I stopped in the village of Assas for a break, near this ancient tower and an 11th century church. Typical of small towns in Europe at lunchtime, this place was absolutely empty – to my liking unless I need a toilet or some food!

The ride was a tiny bit hilly, and a little tough after 4 months or so out of the saddle, but the roads were excellent (more of those surprising cycling paths as well) and the views didn’t disappoint. I caught a glimpse of Pic St. Loup in the next town along.

There’s a Roman bridge up the road that I couldn’t make it to on this ride. Look for it tomorrow!

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