Pink Flamingo

I think this blog will have lots of cycling in it, for the time being at least, mainly because, other than drinking Belgian beer and Languedoc wine, that’s what my life is about here in southern France. I haven’t found much in the way of English info for cycling this beautiful region, so in the future I think I may make a website with maps, etc. For now though, what you get is bad photos and crappy commentary.

This first ride took us from Montpellier down to the Mediterranean (nearly there at least) and back, and was a real pleasure, for the following reasons:

1. There are tons of cycling paths here. Very un-French from my experience. About 90% of our ride was car free.

2. It was pancake flat – a good thing after 4 or 5 months off the saddle.

3. There were pink flamingos. We only took pictures of ducks somehow, sorry.

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