Pont des Deux Serres

I went back up north again today, in search of this Roman bridge that was so casually mentioned in my cycling book. The ride began like Tuesday – mainly because it was the same route – but thought I’d add a picture of one of the many cycling paths found around this city.

After this bit, I took a side road and entered into some really lovely countryside, filled to the gills with vineyards. Languedoc is the largest wine-producing area in the whole world, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Here is proof that they weren’t corn fields.

I got onto a tiny little car-less road shortly after, on a vain search for that Roman bridge. What I did find was a medieval village, but you’ll have to wait till the next post to see that! Dejected, I retraced my route, feeling like a failure…until, rounding a corner near said village, there it was! Totally obscured by bushes and trees, and NOT ONE sign to indicate what it was. Only in Europe! Can you imagine anything 2000 years old in Canada being relegated to a place to drink on or fish from? But, upon further investigation, I discovered that it really wasn’t much. On the other hand, it’s still standing after two millennia. I’ll be lucky if I am doing the same thing after two more decades!

It turns out, the bridge has a name: Pont des deux Serres. Here’s a bit more information.

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