Paris-Nice, Stage 8: A Bad Photo Essay

Here is Alberto Contador stepping out of his team bus right before the stage started yesterday. If you want to see the difference between regular riders and stars, find a pro race and check out the anonymity of nearly everyone except guys like Bert.

2017-03-12 13.20.48

Even Eddy Merckx managed to walk around relatively unmolested. Here he is from the side, but just before this he walked right past my open gob. Hoping something rubbed off…


The last bad photo I took was just before Alberto lost the sprint to David de la Cruz, and therefore Paris-Nice itself (he would have gained 10 bonus seconds, giving himself enough space to jump over Henao into 1st).


The day itself turned out much better than the photos did. P-N is a great and easy race to watch live, since the last two stages are nearly always in or near Nice, which isn’t a bad place to ‘have to’ go for a bike race.