Trying to get a handle on things

fsa-team-issue-compact-carbon-road-handlebar-black-EV207912-8500-1I’m potentially in the market for new handlebars and one reason is that I’ve recently re-discovered that my shoulders are wider than my bars (around 43 cm compared with 40 cm). I’ve never really had a noticeable problem with this, but I do seem to remember that conventional wisdom says to match these two things as closely as you can.

Have any of you gone this route, and if so, what was your experience with it?


It’s actually been 2 months since my first ‘monthly’ report, which is kind of indicative of the way my training has been going since you last heard from me. But I do have some good news below.

Week 1 Week 15 (now)
Age 50 50
Current Weight (lbs) 162 158
Skinfold Site mm
Triceps 9.5 9
Abdomen 37 27
Thigh 22 17
Suprailiac 21 18
Skinfold Total 89.5 71
% Body Fat 24.4% 20.4%
Fat Mass 39.47 32.28
Lean Mass 122.53 125.72

These are my caliper measurements, and although I’ve got a long, long way to go, at least the numbers are going in the right direction. The total body fat is pretty horrendous, though, for a guy who needs to do 7 consecutive days of intense climbing in August.

More good news: I’ve been off the beer for over 2 weeks, but that’s because I’ve been sick and more or less off the bike, too.

But there’s a long way to go before August and I’m sure that my new copy of Fast After Fifty will fill me with motivation and strategies to get me to the start line in relative shape.