2017 Cycling Tips

I don’t know everything, or even much for that matter, but I do know what I like to see in people I ride with, and of course, what I don’t. Following are a few random Dos and Don’ts that popped into my head on today’s ride.

DO give a wave to your fellow cyclists on the road. These are ‘your people’. If you don’t have the energy to raise your hand, a nod works just as well.

DO buy that fancy-shmancy indoor trainer. It’ll keep you entertained while you suffer going nowhere. DON’T tell me that you can climb Mont Ventoux in 1:20 because you did it on that machine. You can’t.

DON’T ride like a dick just because you are in a group. You don’t ride in the middle of the road when you are alone; you don’t need to when you’re riding with your club either. Caveat: this does not apply to empty country roads where anything goes.

DON’T scream ‘car!’ like a banshee for every vehicle that passes you and your friends. There’s a higher chance of someone having a heart attack from surprise than getting hit by one of those cars. DO yell ‘car’ when it’s necessary, e.g. you are on the front and a blind corner and you have one coming at you and your group.

And finally, the only ‘tip’ that is relevant to this year: unless you own an artisanal brew pub, DON’T grow a hipster beard. You’ve missed the boat – the trend is on its way out. If you already have one, you may keep it for a limited time.

This is not a very exhaustive list. If you have any personal ‘dos’ or ‘don’ts’, let me know. I might be doing something terribly wrong and I never realized it.