Pretty Pictures

Or not so pretty; you can be the judge. I’ve been busy with clients in May, which has been a big shock after 6 months of talking to myself on the bike, but it’s coming back.

First up is the new summit of Mont Ventoux, which has no annoying cars anymore. This was taken yesterday while supporting a rider from Malaysia, who made it up despite riding once a week back home.

This one was from a couple of weeks ago on a solo ride north of Nimes. This young gun flew by me and I just had enough time to grab a shot before he disappeared over the rise. My ‘pro radar’ was up and I’m pretty sure this is a rider from St. Michel–Mavic–Auber93, a continental team that you’ve probably seen on TV if you watch racing as religiously as I do.

Next, everyone’s favorite climb-not-climb in Provence: Les Gorges de la Nesque. This was my first tour of the year – 8 friendly guys from Bristol.

And finally, a moody look to the east from the summit of Ventoux. If you can see the hills in the sun down there on the north side of the mountain, make sure you don’t miss doing a ride there if you’re ever in the area. Some of the best riding there is.

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