Feeling Empty

As some of you might know, I ride my bike sporting a Lead Out handlebar bag, which I know is a contentious accessory, but I’ve always thought the advantages outweighed the trashing I sometimes get on Strava.

There is one distinct con with these things, compared to a saddlebag, and that is remembering to zip the damn thing up after stopping for a muffin or a coffee. I do this pretty regularly and I’m always amazed that nothing has fallen out.

Till now, of course, when I was on my way home after a cookie stop and decided to see what was actually in my bag as I zipped it back up again after forgetting to close it. My tube was gone! It’s entirely possible that I’d been riding the whole winter without my little Tubolito, which is proof once again how few flats we get here in the south of France. I’ve replaced the tiny Tubolito now with a giant rubber tube that will slow me down on climbs, but will always remind me that it’s there, hanging from my handlebars.

10 thoughts on “Feeling Empty

  1. “proof once again how few flats we get here in the south of France”
    Cannot believe you actually said that out loud. You are doomed now.

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