Phone Support

Readers, I need your help. I’m looking for a Plan B for tours this year in case my Garmin decides to give up the ghost (always a high probability). I’m in the market for a stem/bars support for my phone. Something like this:

Does anyone have one of these contraptions?

17 thoughts on “Phone Support

  1. Gerry, I know it’s not what you asked, but I do love my Wahoo. I’ve never lost the data from a ride with it. Good luck in your search.

      • Because I am extremely cheap (esp after the C64 project), I cannot tell you impressions of the Wahoo color versions, but they do exist. I’m still using my monochrome version. Even Luke was tempted by the dark side……there is happiness there.

  2. I like the idea that you can keep your regular phone case. I’ve seen some similar ones on like the BlackVUP Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder, Universal 360° Rotatable Silicone. From €10-15. I may try it on the trainer inside first. It should fit my older style handlebars. Not sure about newer models though. I’ll have to see about using outdoors though. Some of the promo videos seem good and reviews good. However, the old adage ‘the sweetness of the cheapness is soon forgotten’ when your phone is lying on the asphalt in pieces, may apply.

    • I have one of these (here in US) and it’s performed well so far over the course of 2 seasons. I have even stopped worrying about it being jostled. But I am not nearly as frequent a rider as most who follow Gerry’s blog.

  3. Quad lock is the best. I rode from Valbonne to Amsterdam and it never flinched. Unlocking and relocking the phone takes a bit of practice but it works. I have no plans to change…

    • and I still have quad lock case on my phone even though I haven’t used it for that in months. The case is only very slightly thicker than other cases and it slides very easily into and out of jersey pockets

      • I created a google map showing all the water stops so I used it to find those as my wahoo bolt doesn’t have that capability. Also removes something else from your pocket and I even watched (kind of) some cycling races 🙂

  4. if you get the “phone support” you’ll have to arrêtez de vous raser les jambes. next is a rear view mirror! I’ll pray for you mon cher ami so you see the proper path.

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