Haute Route Alps 2023: Calling All Ringers

Nearly 10 kilograms ago (2013) I rode a new event called Haute Route Alps. This was to be the culmination of two years of obsessive cycling that saw me do sportive after granfondo in preparation for a very hard week in the Alps. Since then it’s been steadily downhill with the events (although I’ve managed to do 4 more Haute Routes), mainly because of a readjusted focus towards my cycling tour business and an endless love of beer drinking.

But that’s about to change because next year will be 10 years since that first Haute Route and anniversaries are a great excuse to get back down to 64 kg.

140 pound weakling, except when climbing on a bike

Haute Route Alps 2023 will be taking place the 3rd week of August (dates to be revealed on Aug 2oth) 2023 and you can buy your place from September 5th, if you’re an ‘alumni’.

Back in 2013 I gathered (mainly through this blog) 9 guys from all over the world to ride in two ‘teams’ for Haute Route Alps. We even had kit. Notice the name; I borrowed it to rename the blog.

This event, along with others I’ve ridden, amazingly remains in my memory, which is more than I can say for last week or yesterday afternoon. I’ve made a few friends from Haute Routes, some of whom may still be reading this blog, proving that cyclists really do love to suffer.

So, Team Vicious Cycle (without the kit – that process is a real pain) will be rising from the ashes once again in 2023, and if you were there in any of its reincarnations, you have first dibs. I’ve actually already got a good Early Interest List going and 44|5 Cycling Tours is even thinking about running a tour package. We’ll pick you up at the airport, house and feed you through the Alps. All you need to do is clip in and finish each stage within the time limit. How hard can that be?

4 thoughts on “Haute Route Alps 2023: Calling All Ringers

  1. The picture brings back feelings of joy and disappointment. The joy was because we completed 7 of the hardest days of riding anyone could possibly do, and disappointment that living within a bubble with like minded cyclists was over. As I’m days away from the 2022 version of Haute Route Alps, I often think about the anticipation and anxiety I felt heading into the 2013 event. It’s said that the human brain can’t remember pain. This must be true, because after the pain we all felt after the first Haute Route experience, why would we keep coming back for more, aside from being the best weight loss program. If there’s any way I can make 2023, I’ll be there because I’d love to recreate the feelings from our 2013 experience.

    • Good point. Half the original team has probably been back for more. Maybe the other half actually CAN remember pain! I’ve downloaded the app to follow along, although I think we an also do that on the HR website once the event has started. Get through the first monster day and you’ll be fine!

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