Gravel Bike: Clean Break

After some months of riding my new Cinelli Nemo Tig gravel bike and thinking ‘why?’, I’ve finally found some time to figure out a way to get rid of it. My bike shop will try and sell it for me and they won’t even take a commission. They will, however, hold a credit of €1000 after the sale so I will have to spend some money at their shop. A thousand euros is a helmet and a pair of shoes these days, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m glad that the Nemo will hopefully find an owner who will take it outside where it belongs. I couldn’t stand seeing it sit on the stand in front of my desk week after week.

And now of course, I’m down a bike, so suddenly the possibilities are endless again.

6 thoughts on “Gravel Bike: Clean Break

  1. Hmm, sad to hear, as i love this a word?

    In Germany those bike sales double or triple road bike Hamburg you would sell it in a day…

  2. It’s an ‘S’ with a 120mm stem, so fits me perfectly – 176cm. No Shamals. I just went for the stock Fulcrum Rapid Red 500s, thinking that if I like the bike I’d upgrade the wheels.

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