Spain, Italy

I’ve been busy, if you consider sitting at your desk all day and night “busy”. I’ve also been to Spain, which was busy as well, but involved cycling, so the good kind.

The last time we had clients in Spain was 3 years ago, so it was great to be able to use my Spanish language capabilities (una cervesa…uno mas…) and rediscover the kindest drivers in Europe. It was also really nice to see old friends – all 6 of our riders on this tour were returnees.

While we wait for the cycling tour season to really kick off in May, I’ll finally be picking up my new gravel bike at the Cinelli factory outside Milan. Stay tuned for photos of the inner workings there if I can wrangle my way in. I’ll have an afternoon in Milan itself, so if you have any tips, I’m all ears.

What it will hopefully look like in real life

2 thoughts on “Spain, Italy

  1. Glad you’re back at the bike touring Gerry. Nice to see the clients appreciate your good service. The bike looks great too. A friend just got a gravel bike too and raves about it. Just opens up so much more. I don’t MTB any more but the the ‘trails’ I went on could have easily been tackled with a gravel bike.

    • I really don’t know where to ride the new bike, but I’m sure I’ll feel like your friend does once I do. Just riding on roads with no cars will be a new-found joy.

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