RIP Richard Moore

“Rich Velo” just emailed me to tell about this very sad news – author, ex-cyclist and podcaster Richard Moore died two days ago.

Richard first came into my life a decade ago when I ordered Slaying the Badger, an entertaining account of the love-hate relationship between Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault, not to mention a definitive telling of the most epic TDF year ever – 1986.

He next popped up a couple of years later, when someone recommended The Cycling Podcast to me. I quickly got hooked on their daily TDF podcasts, which really fleshed out the race in an informative and hellish-funny way. The team of Francois Thomazeau, Lionel Birnie and Richard Moore was fantastic, thanks in large part to Moore’s hilarious cutting jabs at just about everyone (but especially Lionel).

And finally last year I got the chance to meet Mr. Moore, half drunk (me, not him), but very happy to have been able to play a small part in their Nimes podcast for Stage 12. Our condolences to everyone at The Cycling Podcast and all Richard’s friends and family.

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