Spinning my wheel: Trainer Season Begins

Some people detest ‘riding’ (it’s not riding, is it?) inside while others spend most of the year doing it. I have an ex-client in NYC who nearly exclusively devotes his time to pedaling on his trainer, while another more loyal client refuses outright to do indoor training. Part of why he rides is to be out in nature.

All it takes

For me the start of trainer sessions beckons the beginning of my training year, when I actually have a training year. I like the trainer a lot, if I can do it for max an hour and a half. I can get a structured ‘ride’ in and can watch old races, all the while not getting hit by cars.

Today was the first of my season, so I naturally started wondering what I’ll do with all this next year. Keeping up with my clients is probably a worthy enough goal, but I might need a bit more. It’ll probably come to me the next time the Mistral keeps me from riding outside.

6 thoughts on “Spinning my wheel: Trainer Season Begins

  1. I love indoor trainer season. We get a lot of snow and miserable cold… plus the dark… riding inside is just too easy. I hate putting all of that crap on to ride outdoors this time of year.

  2. indoor training is perfect for highly focused workouts, but it still blows.
    also, the image of the trainer above…is that the caveman model?

  3. I enjoy indoor training for a number of reasons. Quick, intense and I follow a program of sorts (currently GCN indoor workouts). I open a window, turn on a fan and spend 45-60 minutes cruising along. I do a little stretching (yoga on Apple TV). Something I don’t do after an outdoor ride. And I feel the better for it. And I’ve been using very light weights (1.5kg x 100 curls each arm, 50 overhead press each arm, and 50 ‘punches’ each arm). Then a shower and I’ve completed all of that in much less time then an outdoor ride.

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