Bike Storage: N+1 Problems

Shoko and I are moving. No, not to Andorra, Estonia, Thailand or Canada (all places we considered), but 10 min à pied up the hill. Distance-wise it’s close, but a world away in terms of quality of neighbors (I’ll tell you about it over a drink someday). And we are kind of going against the grain a little by selling what we have now to rent where we’re moving. And this is where I get to the point – because we’re renting, I’m not sure I want to be busting too many holes in the new apartment, so I’m now looking for bike rack solutions that don’t involve a wall.

The problem gets more dire next spring when I pick up my new Cinelli in Italy. Luckily the new apartment is bigger, so I’ll find space for all 3 bikes somewhere.

If you’ve never gone down the rabbit hole of bike storage/display possibilities, it’s really something else. Add this to the list of cycling things you could spend a fortune on.

Starting off with the most logical choice, a stand-up rack that really has no class, but they make them to fit 4 bikes at least.

Probably not my first choice, but better than this next one. If I want to avoid making holes in my walls, it’s just best to stay away from having a bike behind your door each time you open it.

For simplicity, this one appeals to me, although I’m not sure how well it would hold the bike vertically. You might need to vice it out and in each time you use the bike.

Another simple one that is, unfortunately, made of stone and weighs 24 kg. At least it won’t move around…

Next up, something lighter and a little unique. I can imagine the front wheel going its own way with this, though.

This next rack looks solid and potentially not very expensive.

And now we start to get serious.

We’re now getting into big money (the first one on the left is over $10,000 AUD), but if I need to fill up some square meters in the new place, adding a piece of cycling furniture may not be a bad idea.

If you have any brilliant ideas, I’m all ears.

15 thoughts on “Bike Storage: N+1 Problems

  1. I never knew that these solutions were available. I would be tempted by the solid and potentially not very expensive one but I have no style so my opinion is not worth much. :).

  2. I made a rack similar to the one with the blue bike (and chain!) and I like it a lot. Small footprint, keeps it upright without any surprises. The only issue is that I engineered it to too high a tolerance: at the time I used 25mm tires and now I use 28’s 🤔 It’s just a little bit snug now.

  3. You can also google how to build your own bike rack as an option. Also if the owner uses a standard paint colour you could find a relatively inconspicuous place and put a couple holes in wall. Easy to patch and paint in the end. Neighbours huh? Fortunately we have good ones here. But the Swiss rules help dramatically.

    • We just talked to the management company and they said we can drill away, so I’ll probably attempt it. Drilling always makes me nervous. My holes always end up being far bigger than I’ve planned!

  4. I totally understand your the “storage” problem, we live in a one bedroom apt. Lucky for us we have a fairly “LONG” living room so the bottom half is now our, “GARAGE” area! We have my recumbent bike, the wife’s recumbent trike, a homebuilt utility trailer, recumbent exercise bike and my work bench and bike helmet, etc. storage all in the same area! I wish I could send you a photo, LOL, it would probably make you feel a LOT better!! BJ Ondo-Colorado Springs, CO. USA

    • Do send photos! It does sound like you’re maxing out space with your ‘long’ living room. The good news in your case is that you’re both riders, so I’m assuming your wife is on board!

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