Larzac Loop

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think I might be coming out of my little Covid funk, just in time for summer. There are outside influences that are contributing to my brighter outlook on life, but that’s another story for another time. For now, I find myself riding again with a little intent and even driving to greener pastures for a change of scene. On Sunday I headed west to the edge of the Cevennes for my first warm ride of the year. I even got sweat on my sunglasses!

Pégairolles de Buèges
Larzac – descending into some good wine country
The Cirque de Navacelles is ‘right over there’
St. Maurice Navacelles: welcome shade

9 thoughts on “Larzac Loop

  1. The pics are inspiring. I too am getting at out of my own funk (another long story) and now dare to hope that maybe this year herrkaa and I will finally explore the Cevennes on two wheels rather than four!

    • We can tell our long stories to each other when we have our virtual apéro. And the Cevennes this year will have to be added to your story…this is new to me!

  2. Great pictures. I have been exploring the Cevennes after recently moving into the area. There are some lovely climbs and the roads are so quiet. But I wondered about Navacelles… it looks beautiful but it seems to be a fairly major tourist attraction – are there plagues of motos there at the weekend? Glad your health is improving and maybe we will cross paths in the Cevennes one day!

    • Thanks, Chris. Where did you land after the Alps? I haven’t been down to the Cirque in a while, but I’d say go out of tourist season and you’ll be fine. I have never seen too many motards over that way.

      I need to get back into climbing shape, so there’ll be more days in the Cevennes soon. Maybe see you there!

      • Thanks for the message, Gerry. We are currently in Grau-du-Roi for the next few months. I invested in a gravel bike as the road cycling around here isn’t so much fun… But I’ve been riding the road bike in the Cevennes at the weekend. So far I found some nice rides from St-Hippolyte du Fort but it looks like there is loads more to explore!

        • It’s endless, Chris. St. Hippolyte is a great start base, as is Anduze, Ganges or Le Vigan. And yeah, I can understand why you aren’t riding on the road around le Grau du Roi. Gravel biking sounds good, though.

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