Cinelli Nemo Tig: Moving Along

Since I first wrote about Cinelli and Columbus a couple of weeks ago, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to contact the former directly and see what they were up to over in Italy. To my surprise I was answered first by their head engineer, Fabrizio Aghito, who passed me onto Paolo Bailetti, former pro rider and guy behind the ‘racy’ feel of the Nemo, according to this video.

After a few backs and forths I learned that I could get a custom frame built at the factory in Milan, and maybe even take a tour of the place after doing a professional fit, if I got myself over there. They aren’t doing any of that right now, of course. If you want custom, you fill out a measurements form and go from there.

We had a few more things to talk about, but essentially that’s where I am right now. I guess the next important question is what color I need? Here’s their palette, so you can see my dilemma.

And a few built-up bikes to visualize a little better.

I’m far from pulling any triggers here, since 44|5 still officially has no tour season, but it’s a fun project to work on if you don’t take it too seriously…which I fear I’m about to do.

Any thoughts on aesthetics out there?

23 thoughts on “Cinelli Nemo Tig: Moving Along

  1. And the bike projects are keeping us sane.
    Careful, I’ve never seen a dream that didn’t cost anything!

    Personally for steel, I like the earth tones as they are more in line with the look and feel of steel. You can also go with the old green look but don’t do white, you will regret it. White never seems to stay clean. Just my opinion!

    BTW, I’m in the process of turning my old steel Touring bike into a Gravel bike by I’m at a standstill as I can’t seem to get the Shimano GRX parts right now, its frustrating.

    • Thought you might chime in, my stylish friend.

      Good point on the ‘tones’. I’m not really the flashy type anyway, so we’ll see what strikes me if the time comes. I’ll stay away from red for sure because if you have a red bike you better be fast!

      Can you fit big enough tires even on your touring bike?

      • Yup lots of space, I’ve got 32’s I just installed on a pair of Mavic spare wheels I had and can go way bigger as I’m running shorty 4 Caliper Brakes. It will work pretty good I think. I’m sticking to 10 speed for simplicity and GRX 400 components aren’t that expensive for retrofit.

        • Nice, but are 32s even big enough for gravel? I’ve got no real idea, but since I did Strade Bianche on 25s, I guess there’s no ‘rule’!

        • Not for the reel loose stuff but the gravel roads around here are not that gravelly and there are plenty of rail trails to ride on especially in the Spring and Fall months. Like I said I can get much larger if needed and probably will. When I first thought of doing this, I didn’t know what size I should get first. Fortunately these Tires are not as expensive as my road tires. LOL!

  2. I have a Cinelli XCR which I bought in 2015. Black, gloss, with Silver decals, standard factory offering at the time. With Campy Super Record. Of course. My best looking bike by a country mile. Sensational. Still turns heads. And great to ride too. 7 kgs so pretty good for steel.

    • If I got the XCR I’d probably get Super Record, too, but since the Nemo is half the price, I’ll settle for Record! I see that the geometry of the two bikes are quite different (sloping for the XCR). Not sure if this changes ride quality or not, but your comment gives me more confidence. And yeah, that’s pretty light. I’ve put together a spreadsheet with all the parts I think I’ll need on this and I come out to just over 7 kg, too. I’m sure I’m missing something, but if I got in that range I’d be overjoyed for a steel frame.

  3. I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a steel bike without lugs. There is no rational reason for that, but there it is. That’s me and I defend my right to be irrational when it comes to bikes.

    On the colors, the swatches look great but the pasted images of built-up bikes are disappointing, so I will have to withhold suggestions until I get out to their site and check it out for myself.

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