Philosophers Ride Le Tour

I’ve finally gotten my copy of Guillaume Martin’s (Team Cofidis – 11th in last year’s Tour) Socrate à Vélo. I’ll write up a review when I’m done, but I like the beginning.

The organisers of the Tour de France have gone back to the old days of national teams for one year and the little-known cycling nation of Greece has been awarded a prized spot. Their application was so well written and logical that the ASO couldn’t refuse. When training begins, in December, the world’s press descends on Olympia to see what’s up with this odd choice. Their top riders are Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

What comes next is unknown, but I did read that another team chosen for the Tour is from Germany, with Nietzsche probably their choice for GC. I’m sure Marx is in there somewhere, too (I’m going with ‘sprinter’). Unfortunately this book is only in French for the moment, but here’s another sport philosophers excel at that you can enjoy in English.

5 thoughts on “Philosophers Ride Le Tour

  1. If the book is half as funny as the MP bit, we’re in for a treat. My French is probably too basic to get much nuance from this sort of thing, so hopefully I’ll either improve magically or it’ll see translation.

    • It’s slow going and definitely NOT funny! I was actually considering offering to translate this before I started reading the first page. It’s a bit beyond my pay grade.

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