New Year’s Revolutions

I don’t have many resolutions this year in most areas of my life, mainly because I don’t know if I’ll even be able to leave the house in a few months. That’s fine, but I do have the Tour du Mont Blanc to contend with in July, so I really should at least make a goal or two around cycling. Here they are:

  1. 500 hours for 2021. My biggest years have been a little short of this nice round number, so I’ll see if those 10-hour rides I need to do in training this year will add up to 500.
  2. 200,000 meters of climbing. Ditto for elevation, my best years have been around 160,000. All I need to do is climb Mont Ventoux 125 times and I’m there.

And how is ‘dry January’ going, you wonder? Well, I made it to the local supermarket and back without gravitating to the beer cooler. It’s already a year of firsts.

Any riding resolutions for you all?

20 thoughts on “New Year’s Revolutions

  1. I would never contemplate having that kind of elevation in my Backyard! That almost impossible as my best years training have been around 40K. Now, with my virtual training rides that’s a different story. I just saw my totals as the year came to an end and I didn’t even ride in January and February. My totals according to Strava was 96 K of elevation and since I started on Rouvy in just over a year it’s 108k. I know its not the real thing but It’s the best a Guy like me can do.

    My New’s years resolution, don’t really make them anymore but I’m learning how to be a bike Mechanic and have set up a shop in my basement so that I can fix my own bikes and rebuild them, except for my Kuota. Time for a career change when I do that retirement thing.

    • Learning how to work on your own bike is a great resolution. I used to be much better than I am now, but still fiddle a bit from time to time.

      Yeah, even where I am it’s not easy to get a lot of elevation. On a normal ride (like the first one you and I did) you get around 1000m per 100 km. I’d need to ride 20,000 km to reach my goal, which is getting into Coach Rob territory! Luckily the mountains are only a drive away and I automatically get 5000 meters or so each tour we run. Still, 200,000 will be hard.

      Good luck with that retirement thing, whenever it comes.

  2. Hey Gerry: up to a better 2021. For me, the first goal is doable; the second is not 🙂 I just figured out that Strava show annual mileage and that got me going the last four days of 2020 to finish with a nice rounded number of 9,000mi (14500km). That took about 500hrs, but only 346,000ft (50,000 more than 2019–thanks to Wisconsin hills :), which is only half of your goal of 200,000m. I guess if you focus on climbing you can do 200km in 500hrs (and have lower distance). But, boy, those 10hr rides seem daunting > good luck!

    • I can’t believe you managed 500 hours last year. Don’t you work? 😉

      I don’t look at kilometers at all anymore because I don’t have a counter on the indoor trainer. Hours tell a better story for me…plus climbing of course! 200 km of climbing (when you say it that way it seems like a lot) is definitely possible but I’ll need to make an effort to get to some big climbs often. 4 Ventoux Triples would get me 10% of the way, so maybe I should make a ‘Triple’ resolution while I’m at it. Hurts just thinking about it.

      Thos Wisconsin rides looked great, by the way. Nice change to where you usually ride!

  3. Your climbing elevation goal is daunting. I only did 126,000M but that’s because I ride indoors for more more than half the year in Canada. This may change as I retire in four months and I have a second home in Arizona where I plan to spend more time now. Good luck with you training, especially those 10 hour rides….wow! 😩

    Given this is a Houte Route Alps year I guess I have to get down to my racing weight once again. You know, the weight when everyone you know starts asking if your health is ok because you look so gaunt. As soon as my wife tells me I look like hell, I know I only have 5 pounds to go 🤣

    Happy New Year everyone.

    • I think you mentioned the ‘sunken eyes’ of an endurance athlete a long time ago. That’s always stuck with me, but I’ve never seen them on myself. I’ve now got another Resolution.

      You’ve picked the right year to do HR again, given the retirement coming up. Once the days start getting longer and you retire for good, I’m sure the pounds will start peeling off. Me, not too sure.

    • Go with what feels right, Tempo! I find it mentally hard to do two big years in a row, but I know plenty of riders who just go huge every year.

  4. Your post made me check my hours for last year and at a weedy 325 I can only take my hat off to your ambition, especially as i have all the time in the world to cycle. If I added my walking hours on, it would be more respectable but I don’t record them.

    • TP, I know you do a lot of walking, so that all counts. Anyway, I’ve basically been retired all year, so we are in the same boat, at least for now.

    • You couldn’t just get on the trainer and do those last 6 hours, Stephen!? Seriously, what team are you going to be riding for next season? Those are some big numbers.

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